The Resistance International Film Festival is one of the oldest Islamic Revolution Film Festivals.

Resistance International Film Festival is established to explain the "Islamic Revolution Discourse", as well as the theoretical and conceptual framework of the world's most prestigious religious and ideological revolution. It is regarded as one of the most prestigious international film festivals in Iran. It aims to create an atmosphere of dialogue, understanding of current human sufferings, and to share experiences and new ideas. The three-fold mission is to:

1. Create an atmosphere of dialogue by recognizing activists and filmmakers.

2. Foster the human spirit of brotherhood, peace, and resisting oppression.

3. Use the language of film to fight terrorism and violence.

Since the 11th edition, the Resistance International Film Festival cinematic strategy and goals have attracted the world's independent artists and filmmakers’ attention. Relying on the very discourse, the Resistance International Film Festival has provided the artists and filmmakers from all over the world with the principles, ideals, and values ​​of the Islamic Revolution, along with re-introducing domestic filmmakers together, to associate its productions with the ‘Islamic Revolution Discourse’ concepts and terminology.

The 16th Resistance International Film Festival will be held in two different periods to mark the Sacred Defense Week (September 21st – 27th), and the second round is slated to mark the Basij week (November 21st – 27th.)

The event follows the footsteps of the previous editions in portraying the image of resistance but has expanded its coverage areas and the quota for foreign movies has also risen.

Resistance Prominent Martyr, and Health Defenders sections are the newly added divisions in this edition of the festival. On the other hand, Basiji Filmmakers (volunteer filmmakers) and Rasoul Medal Award are the new sections in the national section.

The 16th Resistance International Film Festival accepts feature films, video movies, short films, documentaries, animated films, television series and music videos in the sections of Main Competition, Resistance Prominent Martyr, Health Defenders, Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense and Narrations of Pen (Scriptwriting Competition), Festival of Festivals, Reviews and Researches on Films and Cinema of the Revolution and Sacred Defense, Basiji Filmmakers (Volunteer Filmmakers.)For further information on the sections, click the link below: