The 13th RIFF

The 13th RIFF

Runtime: September 21st – September 26th, 2014

Secretary of the Festival: Mohammad Khazaei

Place: Tehran (Palestine, New Age, Azadi, Mellat Pardis Cinema)

To be held in: Iran (418 cities), Russia, India, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Syria and Palestine at the same time.

The jury members:

Feature Films: Behrouz Esbati, Mohammad Bozorg Nia, Mohammad Hossein Haghighi, Mohammadreza Sharaf-al Din, Parviz Sheikh Taadi, Yadollah Samadi and Seyyed Nasser Hashem Zade

Video Movies: Javad Ardakani, Pouran Derakhshande, Jalil Saman, Rouhollah Sohrabi, Jalil Erfan Mnaesh, Mohammad Gabrlou and Masoud Naghash Zade

Short Films: Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar, Abolfazl Jalili, Aziz-ollah Hamid Nejad, Mojtaba Raee and Ahmad Morad Pour

Documentaries: Habib Ahmad Zade, Vahid Jalili, Khosro Sinaei, Ibrahim Fayyaz and Bijan Nobave Vatan

The Insight Section: Ali Asghar Jafari, Mahdi Azimi Mir Abadi, Hossein Ghanadian, Seyyed Ahmad Mir A’alaei and Vahid Yamin Pour

Light Withers- Short films and Documentary: Seyyed Masoud Atyabi, Hassan Amjadi Moghadam, Abbas Rafeie, Naghi Nemati and Habib-ollah Valinejad

Light Withers- Animation and video clip: Hamid Bahmani, Fazl-ollah Shariat Panahi, Bahram Azimi, Ali Nouri Oskouie and Mohammad Hossein Niroumand

Light Withers- Film script: Seyyed Farhad Hosseini, Mahdi Sajjade Chi, Ensie Shah Hosseini, Ali Akbar Ghazi Nezam and Seyyed Nasser Hashem Zade

Feature Film (International): Mofid Alhagh, Golbara Tolomushov, Anis Lasud, Mohammad Davoudi and Majid Majidi

Documentary (International): Abdollah Albani, Shazia Khan, Javad Ramezan Nejad Jolodar, Ali Zaher and Nader Taleb Zade

Takfiri Section: Bahman Kargar, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini, Majid Rajai Memar, Shahab Moradi and Mohammad Reza Masoum Zadegan

Imad Moqnieh (International): Mohammad Hossein Jafarian, Jamal Shourjeh, Mahdi Faraji, Mohammad Hossein Latifi and Ahmad Reza Motamedi

Selected Artworks:

Iranian Cinema

The best film: ‘CH’ produced by Farabi Cinematic Foundation

The best director: Ibrahim Hatami Kia for ‘CH’

Honorary Commendation: Narges Abyar for ‘Crack 143’ and Ehsan Abdi Pour for ‘All Alone’

The best film script: Narges Abyar for ‘Crack 143’

Honorary Commendation: Ensie Shah Hosseini for ‘More Beautiful than Life’

The best special effects: Seyyed Hadi Islami for ‘CH’

The best actress: Merila Zareie for ‘Crack 143’

The best actor: Babak Hamidian for ‘CH’

Honorary Commendation: Meysam Farahmand for ‘All Alone’

Special Award for the Jury members: Parviz Parastouie for being constantly active in the Sacred Defense Cinema

Short Films

The best film: ‘From Inside the Mirror’ directed by Seif-ollah Yazdani

Honorary Commendation of the second winner: ‘6 O’clock’ directed by Roghiye Tavakoli

Honorary Commendation of the third winner: ‘Hannane’ directed by Dariush Ghazani


The best film: ‘Look at the Board Back’ directed by Mohsen Barmahani

Honorary Commendation of the second winner: ‘Clouds are Coming’ directed by Mohammd Ali Farsi

Honorary Commendation of the third winner: ‘Memories for All Seasons’ directed by Mostafa Razzaq Karimi

Special Award for the Jury members: Habib-ollah Vali Nezhad the producer of ‘Last Days of Winter’ Series

Light Withers

The best short film- Honorary Commendation: Amir Abbas Rabiee for ‘Meeting’

Honorary Commendation: Abolfazl Golfam for ‘Soldier and the Magician’

Certificate of Appreciation: Abbas Omrani Bidi for ‘Parking Lot’

The best documentary: Mohsen Sohani for ‘Shadows of the Crowded Town’

Honorary Commendation: Rouh-ollah Akbari for ‘Emilia’ Documentary

Honorary Commendation: Alireza Norouzi for ‘The Man was Standing’ Documentary

Certificate of Appreciation: Davoud Jalili and Salman Abou Talebi for ‘Hollywood’ Documentary

The best animation movie: Vahid Shakeri for ‘Dandelions Dance’ animation

Honorary Commendation: Mahdi Shad for ‘Uncle Sam’s Stories’ animation

Honorary Commendation: Alireza Taheri for ‘Awakening Island’ animation

Certificate of Appreciation: Mohammad Javad Babaee for ‘the Stone-seller Girl’ animation

The best video clip: Elaheh Gol Mohammadi for ‘Endless’ video clip

Honorary Commendation: Arash Rafiee for ‘Geranium’ video clip

Honorary Commendation: Mahdi Naghavian for ‘Father Bled’ video clip

The best short film script: Mahdi Ghavidel for writing ‘Fish get wet too’ script

Honorary Commendation: Shohre Shafeie for writing ‘the Soldier’ script

Honorary Commendation: Ghodrat Bagheri for writing ‘A Foot for the Butterfly’ script

The Insight section

The best film: ‘the Sunshade’ directed by Masoud Takavar

The best director: Mehrdad Khoshbakht for ‘the Silent Mind’

The best film script: Seyyed Rouh-ollah Hejazi for ‘Green as Emerald’ script

Special Award for the Jury members: Alireza Kamali for acting in ‘the Silent Mind’

Special certificate of appreciation for the Jury members: Mahmoud Pak Niyat for being active in the Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinema.

Certificate of Appreciation: Mohammad Mofidi Kia for ‘Stain’

The best documentary: ‘Which Deviation?’ Reza Sadeghi

International Cinema

The best film: ‘Mandela’s Long Way to Freedom’ directed by Justin Chadwick

The best director: Pablo Larine for ‘No’

The best film script: Narges Abyar for ‘Crack 143’

Special Award for the Jury members: Ibrahim Hatami Kia for ‘Ch’

International Documentary

First Winner: ‘5 Broken Cameras’ directed by Emad Bernat

Second Winner: ‘the Insider’ directed by Khaled Jarar

Third Winner: ‘Look at the Board Back’ directed by Mohsen Barmahani and ‘Memories for Seasons’ directed by Mostafa Razzagh Karimi

  • 259 works of art in 15 different sections participated in this Festival.
  • Crimes of Takfiri groups and ISIS (Daesh), along with Salafism resulted in the addition of the special section of Takfiri in the Festival which all the works of participants were awarded the Resistance Festival Award.
  • Numerous books were published in this Festival among which Hollywood Operations regarding Pentagon Interferes in Hollywood, Resistance Cinema Scientific Conference Articles, the Sacred Defense Cinema a look from outside, a Fake Crisis, Zionism the scapegoat, Israel’s Lobbyism power in Italy, Zionism power in the U.S., America the new Jerusalem, the Fifth Column of Zionism in the White House and Abolghasem Talebi’s writings can be mentioned.
  • Ali Ghansou, the well-known Lebanese documentarian and filmmaker was also present among the guests of this Festival.
  • International filmmakers, namely Maria Pumier, Rafael Lara, Akram Advani and Diana Kamal-al Din attended a meeting during this Festival.
  • ‘King of Sands’ directed by Najdat Anzor, the Syrian filmmaker about How Abd-al Aziz Ben Saud came to power after forming a coalition with Wahabis which was well-received in Iran and Foreign countries.
  • Criticizing the second part of the ‘300’ movie presented by Nader Taleb Zade, ‘Legion’ presented by Hassan Abbasi, ‘Iranium’ presented by Foad Izadi and ‘Tayyeb’ presented by Saeid Mostaghasi were  continued in the ‘Iran-phobia’ and ‘Islam-phobia’ sections of the Festival, followed by screening the above-mentioned films.
  • Martyrs’ families were welcomed in the Festival, passing the Red Carpet and a member of each family was present on the scene while the Festival Award was presented at the closing ceremony. For the first time in all the Festivals, these families selected their favorite films among the cinematic art works as well.
  • 9 films were screened with the theme of Gaza under the name of ‘Gaza’ city.
  • Bashar al-Assad, the President of Syria, sent a message to the Festival for the first time that was read in the opening ceremony by the Cultural Advisor of Syria Embassy.