• Flow of Resistance International Film Festival must reach beyond borders of Iran

Flow of Resistance International Film Festival must reach beyond borders of Iran

An Afghan poet and cultural expert, stressed the need for recognizing the enemies of Islamic world accurately with cultural and artistic tools.

Mohammad Soror Rajaei said: "Unfortunately, the Islamic world has not performed properly regarding the issue of the occupier regime of Israel.”
 “In all the countries of the Islamic world, only Iran has produced a number of films and documentaries with the theme of Zionist regime and its atrocities.
He also expressed regret that other countries have not been able to address this issue.
 “Some actions taken by the officials of the Islamic world, such as the recent unpleasant act of the UAE in resuming relations with Israel, also hinder the artists because they see the precise positions of their country in the face of this issue and therefore do not enter this field.
This cultural expert underlined that the efforts made by the Iranian artists in various cinematic arenas including the short films, even graphics and paintings about the issue of resistance against Israel, should be respected.
 “In the field of cinema, some glorious works such as “Survivor” should be displayed in other Muslim countries and even they should be dubbed before screening,” he added.
He added that such works can create a key role in spreading the issue of cultural resistance in Islamic world.
 “Following their repeated defeat in the region, the US and Zionist regime-led enemies of the Islamic world are paying huge amount of money for waging cultural war each year in the fields of cinema,” he added.
 “For instance, all the financial expenses of the 2011 Kabul Peace Film Festival were paid by the Americans,” he added.
The Afghan scholar underscored that the enemy has mainly focused on waging cultural war especially in the fields of the cinema industry aimed at destroying Afghanistan and portraying the US as savior of Afghan people.
He reiterated that the same trend still exists in Yemen, Syria and other countries.
Rajaei noted that holding the International Resistance Film Festival is a praiseworthy step, indicating that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian artists can be considered as forerunner in counter-terrorism efforts against Israel.
He added that dubbing the selected works of this festival and distributing them in other Islamic countries can launch a great cultural flow and pave the way for become acquainted with real culture of Islam and illustrating the real face of Islam which has been tarnished by some certain countries.
The Afghan scholar underlined that utilizing the capacity of global networks and private media in the world, especially in the Islamic world can outspread the festival's impact beyond the borders of Iran and the Islamic world.
He added that holding the festival has become even more significant as we know that waging soft and cultural war has reached to its peak, stressing the need to strongly support this international cinematic event.