• Reviewing Int'l Resistance FilmFest: From the Beginning Until Now

Reviewing Int'l Resistance FilmFest: From the Beginning Until Now


The 16th is slated to be held on September 21st to 27th, coinciding with the Sacred Defense Week covering the sections "Health Defenders".

In the meantime, the other festival’s sections including "Main Competition", "Resistance Prominent Martyr - Special Section", "Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense" and" Narrations of Pen - Scriptwriting Competition will be held on 21st to 27th November.

In this article, all editions of this international cinematic event from the beginning until now have been addressed

After the end of Iran-Iraq imposed war, the first edition of the festival was held in September 1983. Filmmakers around the world were welcomed to submit documentaries, short and feature, and animated films relevant to the festival topics aim to extend the Islamic revolution’s dialogue in the context of art, making it an out-standing cultural event.

In the first edition, the total number of cinema productions reached 3 films.

"The Border" directed by Jamshid Heydari, was the starting point of war cinema.

The Second Edition: The Launch of Competition

Although this edition had a memorial, it started four years later in three sections including feature, short as well as the documentary films.


The Third Edition: The Big Changes

With the end of the 8-years war, the third edition was started and instead of the Sacred Defense Week, it was held coincided with the Liberation of Khorramshahr in Tehran and Khorramshahr.

It was held in two sections (features, short and documentary films) and (overview of war cinema). In this edition, 12 films for the feature films section and some works from different directors including Ebrahim Hatamikia, Jamal Shoorje, Ahmadreza Darvish, Mohammad Mehdi Asqari, Kamal Tabrizi, and Seifollah Dad have participated in this festival.


The 4th Edition: "Hoor on Fire"

The 4th edition of this event was held as a memorial and within the Sacred Defense Week in 1992. The main difference was its location which was held in the Southern Province of Kerman. The number of participating films reached 87films such as "Hoor on Fire", "The Glass Eye", "Avinar", "Vasl-e Nikan" and "Kirkuk Operation" which competed with each other. In this edition, several awards such as the Best Soundtrack, Scenery, Special Effects, Screenplay, and Best Director were also added.


The 5th Edition: Reborn

The fifth edition as "Sacred Defense Festival" was held in Tehran and Khuzestan provinces. This edition with 99 films in eight sections was held. The three new- added sections were considered as War Messengers (martyr filmmakers), War Cinema in frame eight (8mm works) which was an overview of war cinema. It is worth mentioning that this edition was the selection of the best film and its producers were awarded.

"A Prayer Carpet on Fire" directed by Ahmad Moradpour, "From Karkheh to Rhein"directed by Hatamikia and "Childhood’s End" directed by Kamal Tabrizi was also awarded.


The 6th Edition: Improving the quality and quantity

The 6th edition was held in Fars province. In this edition, 82 films were presented in four sections and a section dubbed "Islamic Resistance".

Honorable works such as "Kimia", "A Journey to Chazabeh", "The Derrick", "The Scent of Joseph's Coat", "Leili Is with Me", " Minoo Watchtower", etc were presented in this edition. The jury awarded the best screenplay to "A Journey to Chazabeh" directed by Rasoul Mollagholipour.


The 7th Edition: Jury & Different Awards

This edition of the festival comprising 70 was held in Hamedan. In the main section of the event, four films were attending. In this edition the highlighted works such as "Land of the Sun", "The Glass Agency",

"Prostration on Water", "A Man Like Rain" and "Storm" hit the silver screen. Meanwhile, for the first time, Parivash Nazar was awarded as Best Actress in this edition.


The 8th Edition: Once more Tehran

Tehran again hosted the 8th edition of this festival presided by Abdolhossein Barzideh in this edition 58 works displayed in 8 sections.


The 9th Edition: The Songs of My Motherland

This edition of the festival was held in Mashhad which was presided by Ali Asghar Gholamrezaei.

In this edition, 71 films displayed in 9 sections. Rasoul Mollagholipour was selected as the Best Director for "Poisonous Mushroom". Ali Shah Hatami as the best scriptwriter for "Shrapnel in Peace" and Bahman Ghobadi, the Best Film and Best Director for "The Songs of My Motherland" were also awarded.


The 10th Edition:  3 Years apart

The 10th edition was presided by Mohammadreza Sharafeddin and was held again in Tehran. Totally 130 films in two sections (golden pen and the best in the history of Sacred Defense cinema) was displayed.


The 11th Edition: After 5 years

"M Like Mother", "The Night of the Incident", "Empty Hands", and "In The Name of Father" were among the films which competed in this section comprising 32 films.

The event was held in September after 5 years in Tehran.


The 12th Edition:

Mohammad Hamidi Moghaddam was the director of this edition.

Among 57 works 20 films were selected in this section.

The 12th Resistance International Film Festival was organized by Sacred Defense Cinema Association in cooperation with the Cinema Organization of Iran and Kerman Governorate in Kerman and different provinces.


The 13th Edition: When comedy makes its way to the Resistance Festival

This edition was held in Tehran and again for the third time was presided by Mohammad Mohammad Khazzaei. This edition hosted 221 works in three sections of Iranian cinema, the International and the Jelvegah-E- Noor. Also, the promotional items section was not in the conductor of the 13th Resistance Film Festival, and the "Jelvegah-e Noor" section was included in the festival's programs instead of "Golden pen".

Works such as "Ch" by Ebrahim Hatamikia "Reclamation" by Ali Ghaffari "We Have A Guest" by Mohammad Mehdi Asqarpour "Track 143" by Narges Abyar, "Ekhrajiha" by Masoud Dehnamaki were the highlights of this festival.


The 14th Edition:

The absence of foreign juries and a new generation of sacred defense filmmakers

The secretary of the festival was Mr. Mohammad Khazzaei and was held in September.

Despite the last editions, the "Golden Pen" and" Promotional items" returned to the festival and were being judged. During this event, 322 short and feature fiction films, documentaries, animations, music videos and screenplays, and promotional items participated in 5 sections: "Iranian Cinema", "International Cinema", "Golden Pen", "Jelveh Gah-e Noor" and "Promotional Items"

"Bodyguard "by Ebrahim Hatamikia,

"Standing in the Dust" by a young but not so well-known director named "Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian",

"Breath" by Narges Abyar, "Cyanide" by Behrouz Shoaib, "Mazar-e-Sharif" by Abdolhossein Barzideh participated in this festival


The 15TH Edition

The festival was held in Tehran presided by Mohammad Khazzaei.

The event began with the competition of 450 Iranian filmmakers and 24 countries abroad.

The works such as "Under Water Cypress" directed by Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar,

"The Lost Strait" directed by Bahram Tavakoli,

"Vilaieha" directed by Monir Gheidi,

"Midday Adventures" directed by Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian were illustrated in the national section and in the international section the works like "on a knife-edge" directed by Jeremi Williams" Women with gunpowder earrings" directed by Reza Farahmand, "Yemen, Children and war" directed by Khadijeh Eslami participated. `