• Gazan Artist: Covid-1948 Worse than Covid-19

Gazan Artist: Covid-1948 Worse than Covid-19

“The real virus is the Israeli occupation.”

Mohammed Musallam, Gazan artist based in Canada, says Palestinians have been suffering from Israeli occupation more than coronavirus outbreak.

“The real virus is the Israeli occupation and not any other virus”, the Gazan artist said to present the plight of Palestinians.

Musallam wore a mask made of barbed wire, saying the “occupation virus” has been limiting Palestinians more than Covid-19.

"Face masks are no longer a disturbing image of disease and fear; but turned into a means of raising awareness", he added.

He also drew the phrase "COVID 1948" on the hard asphalt floor and painted the number "48" in red, referring to the Palestinians who lost their lives in their resistance against the Israeli occupation.

The artist is preparing to present the barbed wire (slated for the April 17, Prisoners' Day), at a ceremony in Canada in early September in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.